Four Things You Need to Know About Described Video

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Over the last few weeks, we have answered many questions about Described Video. Here is a list of the four most recurring questions – we hope you learn something new. 1. What the heck is Described Video? Is it subtitling? No Mom, it is not subtitling. Described Video (DV) is

Does My Short Form Content Need Described Video?

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Does my short form content need described video (Audio Description)? I’m often presented with this question and my response is; ideally yes but sometimes no. Some short videos are simply not candidates for adding described video. It may be that the visual elements are thoroughly described within the main audio.

It’s Been a Wonderful Year at Described Video Canada!

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We’re so thrilled to be helping such an eclectic range of clients with their accessibility goals. From broadcast to streaming, to corporations and government & academic institutes, we're very grateful to be a trusted partner/supplier to so many wonderful clients. We thought it would be helpful to answer another popular