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About Described Video Canada.

Described video (or audio description) makes media accessible to more people – that is why so many organizations trust our expertise.

Television and online video are primary sources of news, entertainment, and educational content that reflect the wide range of ideas and perspectives that characterize Canadian society. It’s important for people with visual impairments to receive TV broadcasts and web videos in as complete a form as possible so that we’re all included in this “everyday” medium.

With this belief in mind, we have produced described video (audio description) over the last 10 years in English, French and Spanish. Our descriptive voices have been heard on many of the major networks, specialty channels and streaming platforms across North America.

We understand the demands of producers and broadcasters because we ourselves are producers and broadcasters.

We understand that in some cases a visually impaired person will be accessing your media alongside a fully sighted person. For this reason, we aim to produce a described video that is enjoyable for everyone. As much as possible, descriptions are only inserted in the natural pauses in the dialogue. The narrator will only speak over dialogue if a description is absolutely essential to providing context.

Our descriptions assist the viewer to better understand the story that the director is telling.

To see more samples of our work, check out our YouTube Channel.

Our Studio

Our recording facility is located in Hamilton, Ontario. The studio features voice-over isolation booths and provides the latest professional industry-standard equipment to ensure quality voice recording and sound mixing.

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