Vision Through Voice.

Vision Through Voice.

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About Described Video Canada.

Since 2013, leading television and web media producers have trusted our expertise in making video accessible to more people. We are proud members of the Described Video Best Practices Committee (chaired by AMI-tv and approved by the CRTC) since 2014.

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What We Do.

Described video (or audio description) makes media accessible to more people – that is why so many organizations trust our expertise. We have produced described video over the last 10 years in English, French and Spanish. Our descriptive voices have been heard on many of the major networks, specialty channels and streaming platforms across North America.

Our Services.

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Described Video

Narrated description of a program’s main visual elements, such as settings, costumes, or body language.

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Descriptive Transcript

Text document that contains a transcript of all spoken words along with descriptions of key visual elements and sounds that are required to provide context for video content.

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Extended Audio Description

Technique used to provide descriptions when adequate pauses in dialogue are not available. A preferred method for corporate and educational videos where words are spoken over visual elements.

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