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We thought it would be helpful to answer another popular question we’ve been presented with lately:

My video contains a lot of visuals but there’s narration from start to finish. Is creating a described video (audio description) track even possible? What can I do to ensure it is AODA and WCAG 2.0 AA compliant?

There are two options when conventional described video (audio description) is not an option.

One is to edit pauses into your video allowing time for a describer to add descriptions. This is called: ‘Extended Audio Description’.

The second method, which is typically more time and cost effective, is to provide a descriptive transcript of your video.

A descriptive transcript is a text file which contains a transcript of dialogue along with descriptions of relevant visual elements.

With a descriptive transcript, you are not restricted by timing. You can describe at any point for any amount of time.

Whichever method best suits your needs, we’re always happy to review your video and provide our expert opinion.

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